Friday, August 17, 2012

Jared Marchant and his fiancee, Peggy Fowler

Jared and Peggy came up for a quick weekend of Kyaking in Anacortes where they also do some whale watching. I wasn't feeling to great, but told them they were on their own. They took us out to eat at a Mexican restaraunt, and I could hardly eat anything. I took a big doggy bag home and then a few days later, after trying to eat it, threw it away. It was too acidic for my mouth sores.

They went with us to church at 1:00, then we all came home. They changed and packed and visited until 4 pm and then took off for Portland.

Views of Beautiful Puget Sound

A couple of weeks ago I wasn't feeling to great, but the weather was gorgeous. I asked Frank to drive out to Camano Island up on the bluffs and see if we could get some pictures of the sound. We even got some mountains in the background even though I was just using my I-Pod touch camera.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ady and Owen's Birthday Party

We went to Jungle Playland in Mount Vernon. It is a wonderful place for children to play safely. It has ball pits, long slides and Space Maze for children to play tag. They serve pizza and have birthday rooms, so we had the birthday celebration there. Michelle made the cupcakes. Owen was cupcakes in the shape of a baseball mitt with a cupcake in the middle decorated like a ball. Ady's was shaped like a muilti-color rainbow. And of course, they were, as usual excellent tasting.

Colin is wearing one of the super hero capes I made for the grandkids.  I made Ady a princess cape and Owen and Rhees, Batman capes and will make a superman one for Parker before David and Rachel leave. Didn't take hardly any pictures of Ady and Owen, who were the birthday kids. I was sewing on snaps for all the capes. Rachel told me that Rhees has one with velcro and never wears it because it scratches his neck. So it had to be snaps, which every child could snap his very own.

 She saw Camron and was ready to smile for HIM!

Grandpa loves holding Ady, his little princess.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Sidewalk Installed

 Cement truck arrives. It was a big deal for the neighborhood kids. They were all looking out the window to see what the commotion was. A cement truck is very, very noisy!
 I thought I had these in order, but this is the poured conrete with the supports all finished.
The first day they slather the conrete with, of all things, molasses. It eats up the concrete and when they wash it off that afternoon, it becomes a pebble rock like finish.
The brown you see if the remnants of the molasses they slathered on the concrete.
 The workers beginning to pour the concrete in the prepared area.
 Waiting for more concrete for the wheelbarrows.
 Looking at the leveled area to for pouring concrete
 The supports which will give the sidewalk a curved appearance.
Taken after all the supports have been removed. We should have done this years ago.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Trip to Layton, Brigham City and Provo

 Provo temple where we celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary with an endowment session and visited George and JoAnna Stewart of Provo.
 I had to take two pictures, one to get Rhees and one to get Parker.

 Brigham City temple will be open by August 2012.
 Tami Labrum used to be in our ward. We met her in Rexburg where she is going to school.

 Tami  and Elizabeth and Jeffrey.
 Frank playing pool with Brent.
Frank and I with Azzlinn and Brent.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spring Flowers

 Close up of my pentunias that over-wintered this year.
 Daffodills in the front yard.
 Do not know the name of these flowers, but they are pretty. They came up with the hyacinths.

 Backyard yellow tulips. I took pictures after I had clipped some and taken them inside for a bouquet/
 I re-planted strawberries among my blueberries before we left for Rexburg. It rained enough that the transplants survived.
 An view of the tulips from the air. You can see the space in the middle where I clipped some out.
 Two containers of hyacinths. I just love the intense blue color.
Even with taking some out, there were still a lot of blooms left.